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Presenter Information

Canberra, Australia

The International Association of Wildland Fire places high importance on integrity, responsibility and reputation and expect members to display high standards of behavior that are conducive to creating and maintaining diverse and inclusive practices. This includes the manner in which we conduct ourselves in normal business practices and at our conferences.

This page contains information about the presenter experience for the Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference.

To better assist conference presenters, panel members, and other participants, we have prepared these guidelines to help improve understanding of our changing social environment, the importance of considering audience perception, and how to prepare to ensure that appropriate language and images are used during presentations at conferences and workshops. In this guide we provide some helpful advice on presentation ethics; oral presentation language in terms of implications to sensitivity, respect, and inclusivity; thoughts on developing presentation visual aids; and identified areas of inappropriate behavior.


IAWF expects all presenters to:

  • Provide opportunities for others to learn and develop in ways that are in keeping with the IAWF commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior, materials, and speech.
  • Refrain from harassment of or any form of discrimination against another participant, staff member, volunteer or others.
  • Always fully disclose and resolve any existing or potential conflicts of interest.
  • Always keep proprietary information confidential unless the appropriate person authorizes its disclosure.
  • The IAWF is using PheedLoop to operate our hybrid conference platform.</li?

Attendees and presenters make their own personal, customizable profiles. This provides greater opportunities for networking and connecting with other presenters, attendees, and exhibitors at the conference. Also, attendees and presenters can send direct message, participate in group chats, participate in group and private video meet ups, and more.

Presenter Resources

Get a detailed program schedule:

Download the guidelines for presenters:

Watch a video of the orientation for presenters: